The Matryoshka chronicles.

Each act, another unfinished story.
There is no redemption arc.
Behind each door, more splinters in your eyes.
The never-ending mystery.
All paths lead to something great.
Infernal and bright. Devoured from within.
Rooted firmly in reality. Always. In your dream.
How many doors until you’re blind?
Lose yourself to the senses.
Enslaved by gluttony and lust.
Lose your senses.
Human in a box.
It’s Jack!
Cursed; for all eternity, pleading to get out.
“One more prank! Five more minutes! The ride is here! This is the ride! I don’t want to miss it!”
The ride is fast. It melts the riders face, but not his smile.
The ride keeps going.
The observer. The actor. The scientist. The seducer. The conqueror.
Behind each mask, another fallen hero.
With a great, dead, smile.

This ain’t no place for no hero.
This ain’t no place for no better man.
This ain’t no place for no hero.
To call “home”.

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was a nice week.
we should do it again sometime.
same time next week?
absolutely splendid.
don’t send help.
no need.
so are you.
I’m sorry.


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Out of fashion

Dashing old man. Through the snow.

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Change my strings

Suffering is for nonbelievers.

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Make a wish

But do provide the detailed specs.

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Best of wishes

Be the supporting character in all them narratives.
I really hope you’re physically well.

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Always green

Mystery and misery on the path to mastery.

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The fight

Some fight to survive.
Some fight to get out of their own head.
Not me. Stockholm’s nice this time of year. Everyday. Every year.

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Fun things to do in life

Reach level of incompetence.

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This trait does not alter gameplay other than the fact that violent death animations appear more often.

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